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Eventually Havela succeeded in capturing the spirit and trapping it within the wine cabinet, the same one she brought over from Spain. He didn't need to burn the cabinet, as he feared it would simply release the dybbuk and cause all sorts of havoc (a worry he shared with Mannis.) So as a substitute, he decided conceal the box in a secret location. The aim was to comprise the Dybbuk Box after it was resealed (apparently this could help comprise the spirits in some way.) Then after completing the box, went and consulted some Wiccans, as a result of apparently rabbis weren't good enough. And proper then and there I knew she had signed on! I imply, the creeper the buzz around a scary movie, the higher the returns, right? How did she even know she got the right spirit? If that does not sound like a recipe for disaster (or possibly one other horror film setup) I don't know what's. Granted, bizarre stuff happening the set of supernatural horror films is a reasonably common incidence, perhaps something to do with coping with the spirit world? Maybe I ought to go into making horror movies

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